Deaf Students of JP Oasis Royal Deaf Academy

Abel Accau

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Campus: Regnier

He is very detailed oriented in class and likes to share meals to other classmates. He would love to learn masonry, blocs making, and mechanic.

Azor Phara

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Campus: Lafresiliere

She suffered typhoid /malaria and spent one month at the hospital and she became deaf after coming from the hospital. She likes to be among other deaf students and interact with each other. She likes to cook and enjoy crafts.

Darline Etienne

Age: 35

Gender: Female

Campus: Regnier

She would love to do embroidery, Floral design and to become a chef to cook for others and make a living…she is a mother of two children and she is very interested in school.

Frazius Chrisney

Age: 9

Gender: Male

Campus: Lafresiliere

He is very alert in class and willing to learn. His sisters have to accompany him to class sometimes and made him comfortable in the classroom. His likes to do crafts and interact with others.

Jaunise Dorgeron

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Campus: Regnier

She is very smart in school and she was born deaf and hard of hearing as well. She would love to do sewing, and any other major available for her to choose from.

Jean Etienne Porcenat

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Campus: Lafresiliere

He is interested in vocational school and he is willing to do any kind of job to make a living. He can also be a great teacher as he is very active in class. He likes music, gardening, and computer technology.

Since he was born he was not able to communicate. His parents were thinking that it was his fillet. They thought it was a bad spirit that caused him to be this way. While he is young that is when he goes to school.

Joseph Erlande

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Campus: Regnier

She is a young girl that lives with her parents in this village community. Her parents own a radio station Her interest is to learn Floral design, and to become a Chef to cook meals.

Ludger Duce

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Campus: Regnier

He went to school when he was little like kindergarten. He likes to do gardening, dancing and enjoy different programs activities.

Maxime Calixte

Age: 42

Gender: Male

Campus: Lafresiliere

He brings great smile in Class and very courageous to be part of the classroom. He likes gardening, and will be in interested in Masonry.

Roseline Charly

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Campus: Regnier

She was born deaf. She used to be a sales person and enjoy commerce. She would love to do sewing activity and to be able to make a living as she is a mother of three children.

Sertulien Marie Nancia

Age: 34

Gender: Female

Campus: Lafresiliere

She was born deaf and she went to school in Port-au-Prince but she had to return to her hometown due to the earthquake as the school was damaged. She would love to learn sewing.



The idea of embracing the deaf community started with the founder’s cousin Phillip, currently living in Boston, who is deaf and wanted to come to study in America in 2011. So, as we were researching schools we found Gallaudet University but he was not accepted there. So, while in Haiti after being disappointed we had his church group that were meeting at one of the deaf dentists’ home, we continue to interact with them while traveling to the mission field in Les Cayes, Haiti. We had the opportunity to use their dental skills to work with Neriah for a temporary time, then we took them to the beach for a picnic day. Hope changes everything. Dony and I were introduced to John Summers, an American Pastor in July 2015 by a Haitian friend of ours, who came to visit us at the clinic and has a deaf son. Pastor John had a vision for helping the deaf to hear a vision we shared. Then, partnership was created. He had several ideas and he encouraged us to start the class at the Neriah CHF Medical Center, in Lafresiliere.

We are running two classes out for the Deaf Community in Lafresiliere and Regnier, Haiti. We had to walk many miles to recruit these deaf students to bring hope and changes to their lives and to make sure that they could communicate to each other and accomplish great things together. Some of the necessary skills these students will learn are sewing, bread making, blocs making, masonry, technology, cooking, etc. to help them with creativities and ways to become entrepreneurs and to be able to make a living in the future. The deaf community in Lafresiliere includes 5 deaf students, while the deaf community in Regnier includes 6 deaf students. Therefore, we now have a total of 11 students as we were encouraged to start small. We will have different retreats and picnics with them once transportation is being provided for them and more deaf people can join us.

All the deaf came from different towns. None of these towns are close to each other but they are connected in some ways and that is why we could not bring both groups in Lafresiliere. They just walked to the closest location from their home as some of them has their home damaged and it is still a distance. So, once we are ready to build a facility for them (we will choose the town in the middle and we already identified that location but no funds yet to advance the project”.

Right now, it is a matter of a building & transportation for them (Very Urgent). There is a possibility to have more deaf students to come to Regnier area, but there is a transportation remains an issue.

The teacher and I had to walk for more than 2 hours to meet some of the deaf students in their homes and spoke to their parents as well. The other ones joined us at the clinics within the two locations. They are very interesting…

Their teacher (Edouarzin Mireille) is a Christian Believer. Her sister is deaf as well. She enjoys teaching the deaf students, and the students love their teacher too. They learn, pray, and laugh together and go to her house sometimes to check on her.

We meet at the Clinic in Lafresiliere, Torbeck Haiti on Fridays (11:00 AM- 5:00 PM), and at the clinic in Regnier Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday from 8:00 AM-12 PM.

Our needs:

1. Prayer, School Academy Building + Church building where deaf and non-deaf people can worship as well.

2. Vehicle/bus/transportation

3. Meals, chairs, tables, games, chalkboard, more books, Dictionaries, notebooks

4. I pads or laptop for each students, and desktop computers

5. Volunteers to join us on the Journey

Thank you to Pastor John Summers and Family, Today Destiny and the team…

We love you all!!!!

Deaf community

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