Dear Donors,

On behalf of Neriah Community Health Foundation (NCHF), we would like to thank you for your generous donations towards building and developing a Community Health Center to those in need. Your contributions to NCHF are greatly appreciated. Each year, Neriah Community Health Foundation will continue to advance its mission and provide medical care through our programs. Our main goal is to change many lives for the better and we are well on our way with your donations. Overall, the Organization had a successful year through our health, social, and cultural programs. We have better staff on board overseeing daily work at the clinic and with their help, many patients in the community were examined and treated with good care. Many of them are able to drink clean water from the clinic. In social aspects, we distributed clothes, food, bracelets, shoes and school supplies to the local kids.
Finally, we gathered the community for a small celebration which served as an information session on the devastating illness Cholera. The goal of Neriah Community Health Foundation is to continue to make a difference in the lives of the underserved population in Haiti or wherever such care is needed for the poor. With the help of donations from you, we will continue to see improvements in health care and other aspects of life. Thank you again for supporting our efforts to share the light and love of the Lord while serving others in practical ways and to help the underserved people.
Best wishes,
Ketline Etienne Vilma, CEO

Our Partners

While we appreciate and are grateful for any donation in whatever amount, the name of donors who have provided more than 40 hours of volunteer service or more than $200 in the past are recognized here.

We tried to recognize everyone, if your name has been inadvertently left off this list, please contact us and we will add it.
Each donor listed gave permission to list his or her name. There are others who we dearly appreciate who wished to remain anonymous

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